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Good to Great: Coffee for the Extra Boost of Energy

Good to Great: Coffee for the Extra Boost of Energy

While water is the basis of well-being and productivity, coffee adds that extra quench of energy which makes the difference between good and excellent performance. For most of us, there is nothing like the smell and taste of freshly brewed coffee to get us started. Giving your employees access to a good coffee is a sign of respect and recognition. But there's much more to it. When we newly begin a task that requires some thinking, often the first thing we do is fill our cup. What looks just like an indulgence is actually a proven source of productive energy.

Coffee raises the productivity level of your workforce, and there are no strings attached. It is an energy boost for your staff and your business. And like many good things in life coffee is even healthy when consumed with some moderation.

Coffee and stimulation

Coffee and stimulation

Coffee is the mental stimulant of most office workers' choice that keeps them focused and creative. Recent research has confirmed, once again, that caffeine amplifies and focuses our mental and physical capabilities. Neuroscience shows that it activates brain functions like attention, concentration, planning and problem-solving. Sources like the Mayo Clinic and Harvard Medical School even recommend the regular consumption of coffee to lower the risks of diabetes and several types of cancer. Coffee confirms. Like many good things in life coffee is healthy when consumed with some moderation.

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