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If we talk about the beginning of life, we talk about water. If we talk about the most natural source of vitality for your company, we talk about water. Over the last twenty years, we at Eden Springs have been improving the health and vitality of 800 thousands of European companies and their employees by providing the best drinking water solutions. 

Water for Business

bottled water cooler, is the ideal solution for convenient access to healthy, pure Eden water. Easy to plug into any standard electrical power outlet, Eden offers a wide range of water cooler models adapting perfectly to any working environment. You can enjoy both cold, ambient, hot and sparkling water through your Eden water cooler. 

Why to choose the Eden water solution 

  • Great tasting spring or mineral water from a source close to you
  • Environmentally responsible thanks to recycling and Carbon Neutral offsetting
  • Easy to install onto any electrical plug
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Flexible delivery plans or regular schedule


Eden Unlimited

Is there some sort of restriction preventing you from enjoying natural bottled mineral water? Do you have access to drinking water? If so, the water coolers connected to the water mains, such as reverse osmosis dispensers or filtration dispensers, are the perfect solution. These offer you water of the highest quality, always available, and charged at a flat rate. The dispensers connected to the Eden network are connected directly to a water outlet. Their filters eliminate particles and harmful elements that come from the pipes, as well as excesses of chlorine, bacteria, dirt, odours and flavours. It provides the water with a taste which is almost the same as mineral water and with the same quality guarantee.

Why to choose the Eden Unlimited solution 

  • Healthy clean drinking water thanks to Eden Filter system TM developed by 3M and in selected countries also Brita filters.
  • Environmentally responsible thanks to recycling and Carbon Neutral offsetting
  • Professional installation and maintenance by qualified EBWA engineers
  • Fixed costs
  • Easy to use
  • Multifunctional
  • Unlimited water supply

Water at home

At Primo Eden, we work for individuals. We bring you pure and natural water directly from local sources to you home. So you can just enjoy great water with no efforts, avoiding carrying bottles from supermarket while taking care of the environement.

  • Water quality: The naturally-sourced water from our bottles is pure, tasty and pollution-free.
  • Comfort: Free home delivery of water bottles means you don't have to carry the water from the supermarket. An advantage for large families or the elderly.
  • Generous size: Our 11.4L-sized bottles will make sure you don't have to clutter your fridge with bottles of water.
  • Ecological: We collect your bottles and reuse each bottle several times. Following this, the bottles are collected for recycling, which allows us to control the amount of plastic waste we generate.
  • Fun: A water machine available to your children will encourage them to drink. Good hydration is essential for the proper development of children, yet more than 90% of them do not hydrate sufficiently.