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As modern workplaces become ever more computerized, we now spend most of our working time in sedentary postures and often in rather uncomfortable positions. Absorbed by the “virtual world” we tend to pay less and less attention to our physical sensations and bodily needs.

There is a growing recognition of the importance of taking frequent breaks during the workday. Employees can benefit from a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation, which improves their productivity and efficiency. In addition, many occupational illnesses and injuries caused by repeated traumas and accumulated fatigue, could be prevented by simply taking a break! These ‘professional pauses’ prove to be beneficial both to individual health and to the company’s bottom line.

Some debate remains on whether breaks should be passive or active, namely, should people stretch or just remain motionless, but there is no doubt as to the importance of the professional pause. Taking a moment away from whatever you are doing helps give the body and mind a rest, thereby reducing physical strain and mental stress.

The professional pause also provides a moment for social bonding, and an opportunity to meet the body’s physiological need for water. It is in these moments of movement, refreshment and recuperation that employees can enhance their individual well-being, which ultimately improves the company’s performance.

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