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Eden Springs Partners

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Coffee partner

With over 110 years of history behind it, Lavazza, is the result of its tenacious and intuitive founder Luigi, who in 1895 acquired a small grocery store in the heart of old Turin. Luigi Lavazza, with his pioneering spirit, first invented the concept of the blend, the art of mixing coffee of different origins to obtain a harmonious, flavourful product. Today, Lavazza is the leader when it comes to quality and is the symbol of Italian espresso representing so the Italian identity worldwide.

Website: www.lavazza.com


Cooler partners

Ebac Ltd
Ebac Ltd is Europe’s leading water cooler manufacturer. Based in the UK, Ebac has been designing and manufacturing water coolers for over 17 years, having introduced a number of cutting edge technologies to the market such as Watertrail™ which offers simple, 100% effective sanitisation in seconds, and their award winning Hot Tank which is up to 89% more energy efficient compared to competitor models.

Website: www.ebacwatercoolers.com

In order to provide great looking and high quality water coolers to our customers we work in partnership with Cosmetal. The Italian supplier has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing water coolers. The deep knowledge of the industry guarantees greater hygiene, high technical standards and constant innovation.

Website: www.cosmetal.it


Filter partner

In order to ensure top quality filtration in our plumbed-in coolers we use filters from 3M Water Filtration who is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of filtration products.

Website: solutions.3m.com


Bottle partners

Capsnap by Greiner Packaging is the only company supplying a complete packaging solution to the European water cooler market. The range of products includes five gallon bottles for offices and homes (injection & extrusion technology), five gallon caps, labels for five gallon bottles and other accessories.

Website: www.capsnap.at


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