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Number 1 in the water cooler industry, Eden Springs goes CarbonNeutral

In its quest to reduce its environmental impact and compensate its carbon footprint, Eden Springs, Europe's leading provider of water solutions for the workplace, is the first and only company to offer certified CarbonNeutral® water coolers. On top of this, in a couple of weeks, Eden Springs will launch an exclusive plumbed-in water cooler with a unique energy saving device.

Eden Springs, the only CarbonNeutral® water cooler supplier.

In cooperation with The CarbonNeutral Company, a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions, Eden Springs is engaged in several carbon offset projects. Thanks to this collaboration, Eden Springs in Switzerland was able to offset the entire company and cooler emissions, thus receiving the CarbonNeutral® Company and CarbonNeutral® Product certifications. In 2010, Eden Springs Switzerland achieved a total CO2 reduction of 5,777 tonnes.

Other European countries, such as France and Sweden, have also engaged in offsetting their carbon footprint and thus received the CarbonNeutral® Product certificate. In Europe, Eden Springs is the only CarbonNeutral® player in the water cooler industry.

A new plumbed-in water cooler with energy saving device.

Eden Springs is preparing the launch of a new Plumbed-in water cooler, which integrates a new energy saving device based on a light sensor that shuts off the cooler during nights and/or when the lamps in the workplace are off. Thanks to this mechanism the cooler consumes up to 25% less energy than a regular plumbed in water cooler. This new cooler will be available as of mid-October all over Europe.

"More environmental initiatives are planned in line with our commitment to improving our environmental performances across all business activities, and we encourage our business partners and members of the wider community to join us" says Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs Group.

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Jarrod Langhans
Director of Investor Relations and Corporate FP&A
Phone: +1-813-313-1732
Email: investorrelations3@cott.com

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