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Eden Springs wins first prize in the Aqua Awards for Best Environmental Practice and continues its work towards becoming CarbonNeutral®

Eden Springs has won the coveted Aqua Award 2011 for Best Environmental Practice, further cementing its credentials as the bottled water industry leader in sustainability. The award was given at a recent industry convention organised by Watercoolers Europe in Odessa, Ukraine.

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs Group, said: "We are proud to receive this award as it shows that our environmental work is appreciated by our peers and competitors. Our goal is to share with our customers, the media and of course our own employees the steps we take to improve our environmental impact and also show how low our carbon footprint actually is compared to other everyday food and beverage products."

In a separate development, Eden Springs ongoing commitment to sustainability has been further confirmed by its announcement that four additional subsidiaries have become 100 per cent CarbonNeutral®. This time Eden Springs businesses in Denmark and Finland have joined the group of four other businesses already certified and Norway and the Netherlands will follow early 2012. In total, eight out of the 15 Eden Springs subsidiaries are now CarbonNeutral® certified.

As a leading brand of drinking solutions in the workplace, the company's mission is to provide clients with a convenient and environmentally-friendly source of hydration and well-being. Water is one of our planet's most precious resources, and as Eden's principal product, the company is acutely aware of the importance of protecting it. Eden Springs was the first (and only) company to offer certified CarbonNeutral® water coolers in 2010 in the UK, France, Switzerland, Sweden. The addition of four more companies shows the commitment the business has to continue the work on a larger scale.

Eden Spring's CarbonNeutral® commitment

Eden Spring's ongoing commitment to achieving CarbonNeutral® status is a long term goal that consists of various activities. This includes the following:
  • Total life cycle assessments (measuring carbon footprint) - currently in nine markets to gain a better knowledge of where carbon reductions can be made.
  • Intelligent supply chain - the use route planning systems for all vehicles, enabling the optimization of our delivery service for efficiency and environmental impact. Routing is a dynamic tool that is updated regularly to maintain the most efficient delivery schedule. This ensures minimal travel distances and time, which reduces the environmental impact of the delivery service.
  • Reduce energy use - development of water coolers with low electricity consumption and an environmental cooler segmentation enabling customers to choose the cooler they want according to its environmental impact.
  • Reuse of bottles - Eden Springs is achieving a longer life span for its bottles, which can now be cleaned up to 50 times before recycling. This means one bottle delivers 950 litres of water in its lifetime
  • Renewable energy technology - Eden Springs is exploiting wind or solar power at a selection of suitable production sites.
  • Adopt coolers to reduce CO2 - introduction and promotion of the usage of 'Bottled Water Coolers' has saved 320kg of CO2 a year compared to the traditional PET bottle solution.
  • Cut down paper use - influenced behavioural change by promoting the use of hand-held devices to reduce paper use (shipping bills and delivery bills), use of intranet, emailing and electronic faxing and billing to reduce paper waste and a recycling policy.
Eden Springs has worked closely with the CarbonNeutral® Company, a world leading provider of carbon reduction solutions, to provide its customers throughout the world with sustainable drinking solutions. This initiative has so far resulted in Eden Springs offsetting a total of 37,518 tonnes of CO2.

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