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Eden forms Charitable partnership with Unicef

Eden is pleased to announce the formation of a partnership with UNICEF, in sponsorship of a water project in Africa. This partnership will not only support UNICEF’s efforts in a field that is closely related to Eden’s core business, it will also help raise awareness of the critical water issues facing our planet. Eden Charity Programme. Picture of a kid drinking water.

1.2 billion people in 60 countries worldwide have insufficient access to clean drinking water. The consequences for children are catastrophic: diarrhoea, unhealthy nutrition, insufficient body growth, and death. Every year 1.5 million children die of diarrhoea before they turn 5. The reason: no drinkable water, no access to sanitary installations and hygiene. UNICEF concentrates its efforts on the countries where the lack of drinkable water has the worst consequences on children’s survival.

To demonstrate support for UNICEF’s efforts, Eden Springs Europe has agreed to donate 100,000€ to a rural water system project in Somalia, Africa, a country particularly affected since the collapse of its national government in 1991.

Owing to its arid climate, Somalia relies heavily on deep boreholes as water sources in rural areas. These boreholes require generator-driven submersible pumps to extract the water. The systems are complex and difficult for rural Somali communities to maintain. Somalia's Map. Map of Somalia. The first stage of the project is in the town of Gardo, with a population of 36,000 people plus an estimated 1000 destitute families living on the town’s outskirts. These families depend on the assistance of UNICEF to provide them with water free of charge, as much as 10,000 liters a day!

To provide a clean, sustainable, potable water supply for all citizens, UNICEF works with the local representative of the state Agency for Water and Natural Resources to establish sufficient water infrastructures to eliminate human suffering and hazards caused by the scarcity of water.

With the financial support of Eden, UNICEF will be able to: Eden Charity Programme. Picture of hands with water.
  1. Drill new boreholes in the most needed locations to ensure that people and their livestock get regular clean drinking water.
  2. Expand the existing water supply system in Gardo via a 15 km long water supply network with household connections and 4 public water kiosks.
  3. Ensure that adequate water storage facilities are in place and functional, including a 150cbm elevated storage tank and 3 smaller tanks.
  4. Provide training to both technical and administrative staff to improve their performance and skills.
  5. Establish a well-equipped workshop for the maintenance/repair of water equipment.
Project Supported by the European Union

All funds donated or collected by Eden will be augmented by the European Union. This project falls in the framework of a collaboration program on development projects between the European Union and UNICEF. For every € collected by UNICEF for this project, the European Union will donate an additional 3€. The collaboration will therefore join efforts, enhance results and maximize impact for the project.

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