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03 January 2013

Eden Springs launches eco-friendly water cooler

Eden Springs, Europe's leading workplace drinks provider, has launched a range of water coolers that sets a new benchmark for functionality, style and energy consumption in the office water dispenser market.

Called Smile, Eden's new water cooler has been designed to be the most user and environmentally friendly system on the market. Sleek and stylish looking, the new model uses 30 per cent less energy than traditional coolers and features cold and hot settings. Smile incorporates an LCD display system, built-in cup dispenser and electronic taps positioned at a higher, more convenient height.

Environmental sustainability has been a key focus for Eden Springs in the development of the new cooler. As a result, the Smile range features a programmable weekly clock with three 'Eco' options which allows customers to schedule settings to suit their needs at different times throughout the working week. This ensures the cooler is operating in the most efficient way at all times while preserving energy at times when the cooler is not needed

The cooler is flexible when it comes to water feed and can be used as a bottled or point-of-use (POU) system, making it easy for Eden to adapt the new range to suit varying customer needs.

Smile has also been developed to meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene and features removable elements, making it easy to clean, as well as electronic hidden faucets.

The ergonomic and attractive design has been developed to enhance the look of any working environment or even at home.

The launch of the Smile follows a series of acquisitions made by Eden in the water cooler industry including Swiss company Edelvia and Spanish brand, Todagua.

CEO of Eden Springs, Raanan Zilberman, comments: "We continually strive to enhance our customer experience and have combined sustainability with style to do that through the launch of our Smile range.

"Although our long-term strategy is to offer a complete portfolio of drinking solutions for the workplace, with coffee being a key focus, our reputation for innovation and customer service has been built on our water cooler operations. It's exciting for us as a company, that we can reaffirm our position as the leading water cooler company by bringing yet another innovative solution to the market. We have worked hard to bring this new range to the market and are sure it will bring a smile to our customers' faces!"

Eden Springs has recently rolled-out its range of coffee solution across its 15 European markets. This includes the launch of its own brand, Edenissimo, as well as the offer of well-known coffee brands Lavazza and Kenco.

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Notes to Editors

About Eden Springs Group
Eden Springs is Europe's leading provider of drinking water solutions for the workplace, offering a broad range of bottle-fed water coolers, plumbed-in water coolers, PET bottles and Office Coffee Services. The company established its European presence in 1997 and, in less than eight years, became the leading brand for water coolers, with the widest geographical coverage in Europe’s water cooler industry. With a network of branches and water sources across 15 countries, Eden Springs bottles and distributes more than 430 million liters of water annually and services more than half a million offices. Headquartered in Switzerland, Eden Springs has 2,300 employees. www.edensprings.com

Facts and Figures about Eden Springs Group
Turnover: 260 million euros More than 900 service vehicles
23 million 5G bottles sold annually Present in more than half a million offices
Presence in 15 countries 2,200 employees
27 sources of mineral water 134 branches

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For more information please contact:

Jarrod Langhans
Director of Investor Relations and Corporate FP&A
Phone: +1-813-313-1732
Email: investorrelations3@cott.com

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