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8 January 2016

Eden Springs supports grassroots science in Tanzania

Europe’s leading workplace drinks provider, Eden Springs, has helped breathe new life into a Tanzanian secondary school, resulting in more students taking up core science subjects and better exam results than ever before.

Eden Springs has been supporting secondary schools in the coffee-growing region of Northern Tanzania since 2013, as part of its charitable work with non-profit organization People Help People-One World (PHPOW). Since the introduction of the new laboratory equipment in early 2014, the Mangi Sabas Secondary School has witnessed a 54% increase in the number of registered science students.

Moreover, students’ examination results in physics, chemistry and biology doubled, with 85% of students passing physics in 2014, compared with 32% in 2013. Meanwhile, over 80% of students passed chemistry and biology exams respectively, compared with just over 40% in 2013.

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs, said: “These results are encouraging and it just goes to show how improving learning facilities can dramatically boost academic achievement, and subsequently the prospects of these young people gaining future employment, while also improving life in the wider community.”

Promising students at the school helped by the programme include aspiring doctor Prisla (16). She says: “The support offered by the organisation has helped improve my academic performance, with hands-on laboratory equipment and learning. My education is important to me and to the future of my country as a whole.”

Research suggests that investing at grassroots level is crucial for African countries with the World Bank’s report on knowledge development showing a correlation between better education in mathematics, science, and engineering, and a country’s improved economic performance.1

PHPOW works with the Tanzanian educational NGO programme Community of Secondary Education Support (COSES) to improve secondary education by providing essential school supplies. Mathew Tillya, COSES director, echoes Prisla’s comment and believes access to education supplies from companies like Eden Springs is vital for Tanzania’s development: “We strongly believe that our country’s future lies in the hands of quality education provided in secondary schools. Science technology subjects are vital for countries like Tanzania to achieve economic growth. Yet, the region’s schools don’t have the equipment for pupils to complete the full curriculum and take exams. Thanks to such programmes and support from Eden Springs, the future is brighter for our students.”

Zilberman adds: “We are proud of the sustainable impact this programme is clearly making to the Mangi Sabas Secondary School students. Ensuring access to education and the right equipment to progress in key subjects such as science is something that all aspiring students deserve.”

1 World Development Report: Knowledge for Development. World Bank, Washington DC

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