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Eden Springs renews its commitment to UNICEF partnership

Eden Springs has renewed it partnership with Unicef in support of sustainable water projects in Somalia, Africa. This partnership is a key element in Eden’s "you drink, we care" CSR initiative.

After a successful 2008 partnership in the town of Gardo, which saw the installation of more than 20 km of water distribution pipes, 4 public water kiosks , 3 water storage tanks and more than 500 household water connections, Eden and Unicef will focus efforts for 2009 in the town of Borama.

Through the formation of a Public-Private partnership the town has already improved the physical water infrastructure through the installation of new boreholes, water tanks, pipes and kiosks. A company named SHABA has been formed with local residents to manage the water system and ensure a more sustainable delivery of services.

SHABA and Unicef now plan to expand the company’s services to the communities around Borama. Eden is proud to lend its support to this important development project. The first phase will consist of assessing the needs of the communities around Borama to identify the most urgent needs and locations that can best be served by inclusion in this public-private partnership.

Project Supported by the European Union
This project falls in the framework of a collaboration program on development projects between the European Union and UNICEF. For every € collected by UNICEF for this project, the European Union will donate an additional 3€. Thus Eden’s contribution of 50,000€ to the project will in fact raise 200,000€.

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Jarrod Langhans
Director of Investor Relations and Corporate FP&A
Phone: +1-813-313-1732
Email: investorrelations3@cott.com

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