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Investor Relations

Financial Press Releases

Eden Springs was acquired by Cott Corporation (NYSE:COT; TSX:BCB) on August 2, 2016. Cott is a water, coffee, tea, extracts and filtration service company with a leading volume-based national presence in the North America and European home and office bottled water delivery industry and a leader in custom coffee roasting, blending of iced tea, and extract solutions for the U.S. foodservice industry. Our platform reaches over 2.4 million customers or delivery points across North America and Europe supported by strategically located sales and distribution facilities and fleets, as well as wholesalers and distributors. This enables us to efficiently service residences, businesses, restaurant chains, hotels and motels, small and large retailers, and healthcare facilities.

Notice: Unauthorized car wrapping advertising proposal circulating using Eden company name
Eden Springs has been notified that unauthorized individuals, not associated with the company or brand, have been circulating opportunities to promote the Eden Springs name and/or products by wrapping your car with advertisements for Eden Springs. This is a scam – Eden Springs does not offer such opportunities. If you are contacted by any company or individual that claims to be a representative of Eden Springs asking you to advertise Eden Springs’ name or products, please do not accept. You are encouraged to report the matter to your local anti-fraud enforcement authorities, with as much detail and supporting communications that you have available.

In Canada, you can contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre at http://www.antifraudcentre-centreantifraude.ca/reportincident-signalerincident/index-eng.htm or 1-888-495-8501. In addition, if you’ve disclosed any sensitive personal information or suffered a financial loss, you should contact the local police, any banks involved and the relevant credit bureaus, as applicable.

For more information please see www.cott.com
For financial or media inquiries, please contact:
Jarrod Langhans
Director of Investor Relations and Corporate FP&A
Phone: +1-813-313-1732
Email: investorrelations3@cott.com

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