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As a service oriented company, we believe that people are our major asset. From our General Managers to our Route Salesman, everybody plays a key role in our company. In a company where 60% of the employees are in daily contact with the customer, saying that employees are our best asset is not just a statement but vital for our development. We have developed a consistent HR policy throughout Europe with a main focus on people, based on four axes:

Resources Development:

Our aim is to develop our employees through a fair, transparent process of competencies analysis and development. Through strong tools and common policies we manage a workforce of around 2 000 people all over Europe. We share profiles and assessment tools in our recruitment practices.
If you are willing to join the Eden adventure, we can offer you attractive career paths at a local and International level.

Compensation and Benefits:

We believe that compensation plays a major role in our business. Our attractive commissions and bonus system has been designed to stimulate and reward individual and collective effort, initiative and risk taking. Our benefits plan ensure each employee a dynamic protection system against financial hazard...

Flat Organization:

One of the main characteristics of Eden is its flat organization. The proximity of our top management with the needs of both our customers and employees stimulates the local initiative. The communication is direct, simple, transparent and non hierarchical. Also, when you join Eden, no matter in what country, you are joining a group. Through transversal projects and meetings you are in constant contact with your colleagues in Europe, sharing best practices and creative problem solving.

Our profiles:

Our profiles have a common point. We value highly autonomous people, that consider the business as their own; who have ideas and like to share them; people who are not afraid of changes and are able to take risks. We want people that like to work in a team and that communicate easily.

If you recognize yourself in the profile described above, do not hesitate to contact us!
Send your CV to e-mail:

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