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Leading the market on Climate Action: Eden Springs helping thousands of its European customers take action on climate change through its CarbonNeutral® programme 

Eden Springs International, Europe’s leading office water and coffee service solutions provider, has offset over 141,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide since 2010.

For every ton of carbon dioxide emitted through placement of one of Eden’s water cooler or coffee machines and annual customer usage, a carbon credit is allocated from a dedicated emission reduction project, to reduce the impact to net-zero.

By choosing a water or coffee solution from Eden Springs, businesses will lower their own environmental impact and contribute to collective climate action, to reduce global carbon emissions and deliver positive sustainable development outcomes to climate vulnerable communities.

Eden has chosen to support a project that not only positively impacts the environment through the avoidance of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, but also delivers measurable clean drinking water benefits to local communities. The Gold Standard project, based across rural Uganda and wider Sub-Saharan Africa, provides clean drinking water to small rural communities through repairs to broken boreholes.

The Gold Standard project
Sub-Saharan Africa - Improved Water Infrastructure

Over 600 million people worldwide lack access to safe water sources. This Gold Standard project, currently based in Malawi, Uganda, Rwanda and Eritrea, provides clean drinking water to small rural communities through repairs to broken boreholes. Boreholes can be used as water wells by installing a vertical pipe casing and well screen which allows water to be extracted from the ground.

For example, the provision of clean water reduces the incidence of disease and resulting fatalities. In Uganda, where the project supplies 5,700 people with 10 rehabilitated boreholes, it is estimated to reduce 100 cases of diarrhoea and six fatalities per year. Communities are also offered water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) training to help maintain the quality of the water and ensure it is fit for human consumption.

To find out more, visit www.naturalcapitalpartners.com or download The CarbonNeutral Protocol. 

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