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We are concerned about the environment and the of the impact our company has on it

By choosing Eden Springs as a supplier, you are able to lower your own environmental impact and contribut to collective action to mitigate climate change.


Eden Springs has a long standing commitment to managing and reducing its environmental impact with programs in place since 2007. By taking responsibility for their emissions and achieving CarbonNeutral certification, Eden Springs is able to offer their customers low carbon products and service. By choosing Eden, customers are able to lower their own environmental impact and contribute to collective action to mitigate climate change.


As a low carbon business, Eden Springs has been working with Natural Capital Partners since 2010 to measure and reduce their emissions to net zero.

  • Eden Springs acknowledges the environmental impact of the business and is committed to
    • - voluntarily measuring its impacts
    • - reducing the impact to net zero through purchasing high quality carbon credits.
        For every tonne of carbon emitted a carbon credit is purchased
    • - achieving CarbonNeutral® certification in 9 countries in accordance with
        the CarboNeutral Protocol - the global standard for carbon neutral programmes
    • - Sourcing 100% renewable energy to cover electricity consumption for all its European operations and achieving certified CarbonNeutral® electricity use
  • As of 2016, Eden Springs has offset 141,000 tons of carbon across 8 carbon saving projects and purchased 8547 MWh of electricity from renewable sources.


Several other internal initiatives have been put into motion at Eden and you can discover them by clicking on the “The Actions” banner on the left.

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