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19 December 2014

Green Gains: Eden Springs helps customers make an environmental and social difference with carbon neutral activities

19 December 2014 – Eden Springs, Europe’s leading office water and coffee solutions provider, has offset over 184,000 tons of CO2 since 2010 - the equivalent of nearly 380,000 economy-class flights from London to New York.

Eden Springs’ carbon offsetting achievement, calculated as part of its 2014 annual assessment and certification with the CarbonNeutral Company, is a key aspect of the company’s commitment to supporting its environmental responsibilities.

By choosing to source certified carbonneutral® office water and coffee solutions from Eden Springs, businesses can lower their own environmental impact and contribute to collective action to help mitigate global climate change.

Eden Springs has been working since 2010 to voluntarily measure and reduce their emissions to net zero. For every ton of carbon emitted, a carbon credit is purchased and offset in environmental projects. This year, Eden has chosen to invest in a project that not only positively impacts the environment through the removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, but also produces measureable economic results in the surrounding community. The award-winning Meru and Nanyuki Community Reforestation Project, based near the slopes of Mt. Kenya, supports mass tree planting, with more than 6.6 million trees planted to date.

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs, comments: “We’re proud to maintain carbon neutral certification across our operations in Europe. We’re committed to finding the best ways to streamline our impact by investing into projects such as carbon offsetting. By choosing an Eden Springs water or coffee solution for their office, our customers can be reassured not only of a high quality experience for their employees and clients, but also that they are contributing positively to their own environmental and social responsibilities.”

Eden Springs is focused on achieving carbon neutrality for its products across all its markets. To find out more about Eden Springs and its CSR activity, visit www.edensprings.com/eden-social-responsibility/

About the Meru and Nanyuki Community Reforestation Project via The CarbonNeutral Company:

The Meru and Nanyuki Community Reforestation Project won a Best Offset Project Award 2014 from Environmental Finance Magazine, as part of its ongoing global commitment to carbon neutrality.

In addition to offsetting CO2, the project allows local farmers to increase their food supply through conservation farming, training over 55,000 people in key skills such as conservation farming, beekeeping and stove building. Such projects are a powerful tool for boosting emerging economies. New academic research from ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance) found that carbon offsetting has the potential to deliver approximately $664 in economic, social and environmental benefits per ton of carbon that is offset.

To find out more about how carbon offsetting can add value to your carbon management strategy, visit www.carbonneutral.com and The CarbonNeutral Company’s YouTube channel.

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