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Eden opens a new bottling plant in Poland

Eden Springs Poland - further investments on the spring water market in western Poland

Eden Springs Poland, a leading home and office spring water supplier is launching a new bottling plant in Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

A new bottling plant of Eden Springs Poland, a leading producer and supplier of spring water in 19-litre bottles, was officially opened in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. "The investment will make it possible to optimize logistics in western Poland where we are steadily strengthening our position," says Andrzej Piotrowski, General Manager of Eden Springs Poland. "Western Poland is our largest region. Therefore, we want to bring production closer to that market and develop our potential."

The opening of a new bottling plant on leased land has already cost more than PLN 800,000 and required the employment of a dozen or so people. The scheduled output of the new bottling plant is about 50 million litres a year, which is to account for 40% of the entire output of the company. To secure Eden Springs Poland's quality standards the HACCP** quality system is being introduced in the plant which is to be subjected, in addition to Polish sanitary authorities, also to the supervision of the NFS*** international organization.

The new bottling plant is located in Grodzisk Wielkopolski. Like the already operating bottling plants in Krzeszowice (Ma?opolska region) and Kotu? (Mazowsze region), the new plant is situated on an ecologically clean area, which secures high quality of water.

"The HOD market in Poland develops very energetically. Each year we record significant growth of sales. We can say already now that the 2006 revenues will exceed PLN 100 million. This means more than a 20% growth when compared with 2005," says Andrzej Piotrowski. "Our investments provide a response to an increased demand for our services - and we want to develop them."

** Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point System
*** National Sanitary Foundation

Eden Springs Poland is a subsidiary of Danone Springs of Eden, a leading European supplier of 19-litre bottle spring water. The Company's product range available in a dozen or so European countries includes a wide range of services related to the deliveries of spring water and water dispensers to households and offices. The Eden brand has been present on the Polish market since 1997. In Poland, Eden Springs Poland uses the springs located near national and landscape parks, with the main spring being in Krzeszowice in the Kraków-Cz?stochowa Jurassic. Its bottling plants are the only ones in Poland having the NSF certification and are operating in accordance with the HACCP system. The Company employs more than 400 people and operates through seven branches and a network of 20 dealers all over Poland.

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