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Why companies are starting to care

There is a growing body of evidence that proves that the performance of a company is directly linked to the well-being of its employees. Since most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work, it is only logical that the workplace should be a point of wellbeing for employees.

Numerous international companies that have implemented workplace health programs can attest to the fact that employee well-being is good for business. Efforts to improve employee well-being have shown the following benefits:
  • Lowering employee risk of chronic disease
  • Saving the business money by reducing health-related expenses and limiting absence and disability.
  • Increased worker morale and work relations
  • Improved worker productivity.
  • Improved financial results of the company

Studies conducted at some of the world’s leading corporations, such as General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and Chevron have demonstrated that well-being programs can be cost-beneficial – they can save more money than they cost, thus producing a positive return on investment. A recent study that compared the programs of ten Fortune 500 companies found that the median ROI was $3 in benefits for every dollar spent.

Companies have discovered that water coolers are one of the simplest and most cost-effective methods of providing well-being at work. The importance of water to general health is well known, yet many people do not drink enough. Studies show that employees with access to a water cooler significantly increase their consumption, and their health as a result.

From the expert
Dr. Nathalie Jacquelin-Ravel
Dr. Nathalie

in Micro-nutrition and work-place health

Genolier, Switzerland
From the expert
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What workers say about their drinking habits:
- 86% of respondents believe that they should be drinking 5 or more glasses of water a day, yet only 13% are.
- 46% of respondents are drinking only 1 or 2 glasses of water a day at work.
- 64% of companies reported that men don’t drink as much water at work as women; instead they drink coffee, tea and soft drinks.

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